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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A late night Freestyle

Relaxing, the smooth neon glow of jellyfish nightlights, hazy lazy smoke drifting sifting through, beyond slow thrifty cliff dives into tipsy nifty nipple slips dripping lipstick, what of it, stained hot mess, less can be more when blessed with the best, even death won't arrest.

Run faster disaster strikes always in lifespan hallways, head for the hills on motorbikes and the like, night is the cloak and knife, bragged jagged hammer, heavyweight dagger, fooling em with laughter.

The master masked after class shatters clamour over clatter, the band plays fatter bass laced over saturns patterned platters and the latter tastes of mace racing with velocity the speed over top of me stopping free of clocking rollicking sock knocking flocks of rock chopping locks mopping spilling thrills easily freezing chills measly kills.

The glass ceiling toppled, smashed crashed the mast, blasted shards fatter gleaming beaming tiny diamonds scattered across cold pavement asphalt shavings to the grave slaving raving graveled voices smoking all your choices, choking hoping desperate for coping, eloping on sloping hillsides moping spiced sliced niceness, life spliced genome on ice, served hot for a price.

Alex Storm Brewer

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